Marble and Granite for Vaughan Countertops: Get the Look You Want to Come Home to

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Kitchens have always been a place for family. With new home designs, and open concept home layouts, kitchens are becoming the focal point of your interior design as well. Marble and Granite play a big part in home design in Vaughan. The kitchen is such a delightful place. Meals are prepared on the marble or granite countertops, while children finish homework. Families gather to enjoy a meal together, while discussing the events of their day. Home gatherings, whether it is an adult get together, or a family, one always seems to center around the kitchen. For all of these reasons, you want your kitchen to look its best at all times. Marble and granite make Vaughan kitchens a welcoming place to be.

Kitchen Countertops

You have a busy family, like so many people do, and you want to be sure to have the best countertops that will stand up to anything you have to put them through. Deciding on whether you want marble or granite countertops can be a big decision that you won’t want to make without some education. Marble and granite have some similarities, but they also have differences. Marble is a softer, more porous stone than granite. It is also prone to etching, scratching, and staining. Marble doesn’t hold up as well to moisture damage either. Now that is not to say that marble should never see your kitchen. Marble can be sealed, and be quite successful as a countertop. The marble countertops also work well for bakers. The cool stone won’t warm up the dough or the butter. Granite works quite well as a countertop for your kitchen. It is nearly indestructible. Granite stands up very well to the everyday wear and tear of a busy kitchen. It is moisture and stain resistant, stands up to heat, and resists scratching and etching. As a matter of fact, cutting directly on your granite countertops will dull your knives before it will ever scratch the granite. Marble, being comprised primarily of calcite, doesn’t fair well against the harsh effects of acid either. Simple spills from vinegar or fruit juice can do irreparable damage to your kitchen countertops. Care should always be taken to ensure that your natural stone countertops are always sealed properly and regularly. Cleaning and maintaining them properly will ensure the life of your stunning investment.

Marble and Granite Cleaning

Due to the delicate nature of marble, care should be taken with cleaning solutions. Your local natural stone retailer will stock cleaning products that are made specifically for marble. Granite is a little more forgiving. This stone can withstand the pressures of cleaning and sanitizing on a regular basis. To keep your countertops shining, and always looking their showroom best, be sure to read the instructions on your favourite cleaning solutions. If they discourage use on marble or granite, it is best not to try them for yourself. Wiping your countertops with a soft damp cloth to remove light messes should be enough to keep them clean. For more solid matters, a non-abrasive cleaner, specifically designed for natural stone will be necessary. Wiping spills as they happen will help you avoid unsightly damage, and costly repairs. Treat your marble and granite properly and it will last a lifetime.